Event Pricing

What do your prices include?


There are a number of variables that are taken in to consideration when we create your estimate. From the moment you reach out to us we begin to work on compiling ideas and creating a mood board based on your preferences. Each design is unique to your palette, theme, and venue. After our initial meeting in person, over the phone, or via email we will send you a design proposal with a mood board containing pictures of relevant flowers and textiles. We will edit this document together as needed. Once we have agreed upon the design and total, we request a signed contract and a 50% deposit to hold the date. In the weeks leading up to the big day we will coordinate with the necessary vendors to ensure that the delivery process is both seamless and efficient. We will also be available to coordinate any last minute changes or additions to your contract up to two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Each arrangement and bouquet is priced with consideration to the flowers used and the labor involved from the moment the flowers arrive in the shop to delivery. We inspect and edit each bloom and stem of the flowers for your event as they come in to our shop. This is where we condition and store your blooms throughout the production process. Our talented team of creatives will put the utmost care in to each and every detail as we work together to bring your vision to life. On the day of the wedding we will deliver flowers to the bride and her attendants, the ceremony site, and the reception venue. We will also remain on hand for any installations or repurposing of arrangements, as well as return to pick up any rental items.


Do you charge for delivery?


In the case of local events (within 50 miles of our shop) delivery is free of charge, with the exception of installations requiring additional staff. If your event is outside of these parameters we will calculate the delivery fee based on the additional distance and complexity of the setup. We will deliver the bridal party flowers to the bride’s location, any altar or pew pieces to the ceremony site, and centerpieces or installations to the reception venue within two hours of the ceremony. For additional delivery locations or time needed to accomodate a first look a fee, based upon the additional time and distance needed, will apply.

* Although the location of your reception and ceremony may require a delivery fee, it is still possible our overall price will be lower than a locally based florist. This is oftentimes the case for metropolitan weddings in cities such as Boston & Providence.


Why do prices vary among florists?


We adhere to the industry standard in our pricing, however each florist has their own network of suppliers and overhead involved in their production process. As a design studio our overhead is typically lower than that of a larger scale operation. We also make the effort to include perennial greens from our own gardens in our designs and pass the savings on to our customers. Conversely, we also work to include locally grown flowers in our designs, and they tend to be more expensive than flowers from our wholesale suppliers. Our final prices are ultimately a balance between flowers and greenery we have grown, acquired locally, and that which is available from our trusted wholesale suppliers, in addition to the labor and complexity of the design work.

What is the average budget for your event clients?


We work with clients over a very large spectrum of budgets. In some cases the flowers are meant to serve as a quiet backdrop to the event, in others the flowers are considered an important focal point. At the end of the day it is truly up to each client to decide how much they would like to spend and how much importance they place on their flowers. If budget is foremost in your mind, please let us know! We are equally excited to design a large scale opulent affair, as we are creating a unique atmosphere for an intimate gathering, and all points in between. If you are looking for some basic wedding pricing information, please contact us to have a look at one of our wedding packages.