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Pricing FAQ

Event Pricing FAQ

Do you have a minimum?


Full service weddings (wedding party/ceremony/reception flowers) start at $ 4,500.00. 


What do your prices include?


Our prices include materials, labor, and delivery in most cases. Additional charges may apply in certain instances, and will be clearly disclosed and agreed upon in writing.  


How do you determine your prices?


There are a number of variables that are taken into consideration when we create your estimate. Our prices are a reflection of the types of flowers used, level of planning involved, the labor behind the scenes, and with consideration to the on site work required. 


Do you charge for delivery?


For local events, delivery is included in our pricing as outlined in your proposal and contract. A fee may apply for additional delivery locations, based upon the time and distance.


Why are wedding flowers more expensive than a la carte orders?


Each wedding florist has their own way of pricing based on their specific business model. Generally speaking, wedding flowers are more expensive because event planning is very involved and time consuming; especially when working with perishable materials.


Extra time and care is needed to condition the flowers properly for your event. There is a lot of skill required to bring floral designs to life, in addition to making sure they are durable and photo ready. 


Lastly, weddings require more staff and coordination than a non-wedding event. We are typically on site with at least 2 employees for 3 - 4 hours, and are sometimes on call to return at the end of the night to break down. In comparison, an event with a la carte centerpieces can be delivered in about an hour. 


Why do prices vary among florists?


We adhere to the general industry standard in our pricing, however each florist has their own business model that ultimately determines their prices. The price will also vary depending on the flowers selected for the design, along with the designer’s skill level and availability. 

Do you offer rental items?


Our standard practice is to sell centerpieces with the vessels included so you and your guests can take them home to enjoy. There are certain designs, such as tall centerpieces, which require rental items. We will always clarify if any part of your centerpiece is a rental, and we will return to pick up any rental items at the end of the night. 


We also have a custom arbor, candles, urns, ceremony décor, potted plants, and trees available for rental. 


Will you provide mock ups of our designs?


We are happy to provide mock ups! Because we are a studio florist, as opposed to a retail shop, we charge a fee for the materials used in the mock up. The charge will be based on the flowers used for the mock up and the complexity of the design work. We do our best to give you all relevant examples of our work, in addition to creating a visual proposal based specifically on your preferences. In most cases this eliminates the need for a mock up and subsequent charges.


Do you offer wedding packages?


We are focused on bespoke floral design, and do not currently offer wedding packages.

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