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Cape Cod Florist | Cape Cod Garden Design

General FAQ

​Where do you offer your services?

We are located on Cape Cod and we typically work on the Cape, occasionally crossing the bridge to Plymouth or other nearby locations. We are willing to travel further, for weddings starting at $ 7,500.00.


Do you provide design services for events other than weddings?


We are happy to consider any event that calls for floral design work, but for the most part we specialize in weddings.

When is the best time to begin planning for our wedding flowers?


We recommend that you start planning for your flowers at least 1 year in advance. Demand is very high on Cape Cod and our availability is limited. If you have a spring/early summer wedding it is best to start looking closer to a year and a half before your event. It is also important to have secured your venue and have a general idea of your desired palette/aesthetic when contacting flower vendors. While it is in your best interest to book as early as possible, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and check availability


How do we get started, and what should we expect from the process?


The first step is to send us an inquiry to see if your wedding date is open. If we are available we will contact you to schedule a 15-30 minute phone consultation to get to know each other, discuss your vision for the day, and go over any questions. We will also send a detailed questionnaire ahead of our meeting to gather the details and speed up the pricing process. (You can skip straight to the questionnaire by clicking here!)


After the consultation we will create a proposal with pricing and designs for your review. If you are interested in working with us we will discuss any potential changes or updates to be sure everyone is on the same page. We can make changes at this time, or hold off until the date gets closer. Once we have established that you would like to have us on your vendor team, we ask for a formal commitment with a signed contract and deposit to officially hold the date. 


Once you have sent a signed contract and deposit we will set a time to edit and finalize any remaining details. Due to the fluid nature of event planning, your contract will have the flexibility to accommodate changes as needed, and be updated accordingly throughout the process. 

How many weddings do you book over a weekend? 


Our bookings are generally limited to one wedding per weekend, and only three weddings per month. 


Why do you limit your availability?


There are a lot of reasons that we have decided to schedule this way, and most of them boil down to a desire to have a hand in each detail of the design, and self care. We are a small, dedicated team, and we are in this industry because we are passionate about the hands-on process of creating beautiful floral designs for events. Limiting the number of weddings we produce each week/month allows us to be at our best and most creative when serving our clients. 

Where do you source your flowers?


We have flowers available to us from distributors all over the globe, but we encourage our couples to take the season into consideration when selecting their flowers. This allows us to work with U.S. farms, local growers, and materials grown in our own garden. Clients who want to prioritize locally grown materials may need to be flexible with their vision, focusing on palette over specific flower types; and it is always possible to mix local products with select imported flowers.


We strive to design in harmony with the seasons, but we must also acknowledge the time tested quality and ready availability of Dutch and South American flowers. Ultimately, where your flowers are grown depends on your preferences and their seasonal availability. We strive to incorporate local materials into all of our work, and we trust our suppliers for global products that have been perfected over the course of many years.

What is a studio florist?


We are a floral design studio without a retail location. This means that our small, family owned and operated business is run from our workshop on Cape Cod, in Bass River, MA.

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